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Posted on November 5, 2014 · Posted in Updates

I was sending a little intro of myself to an interesting research group tonight, and I realised an update on recent art projects would be a great thing to highlight within this site. I have been able to work on several large art project over the last few years, with some wonderful collaborators. This is a side to my digital media practise which hasn’t typically merged with my web design projects and clients side of things, but recently there has been an increasing amount of overlap.

I love to create discussions where different knowledges and perspectives might ‘bump’ into each other, to help break down the silos of knowledge and to encourage innovative, ‘joined-up’ thinking. It is for me also a way to deal both poetically and pragmatically with very real issues.

One recent project is the below, which involved gathering an interdisciplinary and intercultural group (and the public) together for a walk through geologic time (4.5 billion years of the earth’s history) as a way of gathering of stories, and cross-pollinating perspectives.

A Walk Through Deep Time

A project I am currently working on is a city-wide, geo-located audioscape for Christchurch that is reflective on the past, present and future of the city. Again collecting stories, utilising the mobile phone as a personal microphone via an iOS mobile phone app which allows people to walk and listen to the recordings made around the city, and add their own memories, stories, thoughts at locations of their choosing.

Sound Sky

One thing that my work in both design and art projects is have in common is the consideration of the person involved. Whether a customer or an art ‘participant’, alot of thought goes into the creation of that experience, and what it might mean to that person. What will stick with them?

I am interested to further meld these two areas of my work, and to see where that might take me. To focus on experience design via creative use of digital media and also good social practise. I’ve always been interested in education and I continue to be drawn towards possibilities in this area. Maybe because then I too get to keep on learning.