Off to a fun start

Posted on January 24, 2014 · Posted in Updates

I was just reflecting today what a great little line up of projects I currently have going on and am grateful to be doing. I’ve got a fantastic and challenging game UI/UX design in the works at the moment – being created in the fabulous new Construct 2 platform for making HTML5 games (web or mobile) – and am doing it with the lovely folks at Phosphor Essence and my animator/illustrator partner Jim Byrt. I’m also working on a complete revamp of the site of an arts/ecology/technology organisation I’ve been involved with for many years, Intercreate, and co-organising an arts/technology symposium called ADA Mesh Cities to be held here Auckland in September this year.

The other major project at the moment is a new location-sensitive audioscape project. This time at the scale of a city! Sound Sky is a new work with the sound artist Halsey Burgund and our many local partners in Christchurch – CEISMIC, Gap Filler and the Cantabrian Society for Sonic Artists (CSSA). We are working to develop this audioscape with our partners and the people of Christchurch, as a platform for sharing memories, experiences, thoughts, and ideas for the future as they pertain to places around the central city. People can hear it and add to it using the project apps on their mobile phones. It’s a big and long-term project idea — and one which we hope people will feel inspired and welcomed to join in on. A big thanks to Creative New Zealand for their phase 1 funding of this project including getting the iOS app up and running.

Every day I’m also happy to be working from my lovely quiet home with our cats and the birds outside (and trying to keep the cats from getting the birds). All while talking and working with people from Auckland to Christchurch to Boston. Nothing beats chatting to the people around you though. I know of three or four neighbours who also work from home, so there will be a few more coffee gatherings this year I suspect.