The inspiration behind Mira Design is seeing that in this day and age, no good business, organization or worthwhile endeavor should be suffering from a bad website. So much can now be done for comparably so little effort.

As a designer who has worked with networked media since 1993, and seen this evolution, it seems time to bring this to those clients who might otherwise not realize what is possible for even the smallest of budgets.

I would like to offer this service and my years of experience to clients who I can see are developing socially and environmentally responsible products or services. This is seen as a way to continue to build a business which I can be excited to work in, and which enables me to meet and work with fabulous people.

Also so that I can garner more client feedback such as this:

Trudy is an exceptionally talented communicator and designer with an integrity to all she does. Her breadth and depth of experience means she can combine pragmatic business acumen and project budget management, while bringing forward a creative ingenuity and inventiveness which makes the results shine beyond the crowd.


The etymology (see below) of the name Mira connects with my creative work with the concept of ‘wonder’ – which in turn came from an interest in personal collections of fascinations, known in earlier centuries as wunderkammer. I am continuing to work with this concept through The House of Wonder project, which is part of a long term goal, with which I hope Mira Design will in time coincide. The concept of wonder keeps me focused on those things which I find inspiring.

Mira (play /ˈmrə/ or play /ˈmɪrə/) is also the name of a red giant star estimated 200-400 light years away in the constellation Cetus. As a binary star, it consists of the red giant Mira A along with Mira B.

Etymology: From the Latin mīrārī, comes mirare, which means to wonder at something that causes amazement or awe.