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Event Cinemas


Completed while Creative Director at Phosphor Essence.

Then SKYCITY Cinemas needed a site revamp. They had loyal customers, but no ticket purchases online, likely due to the slow and cumbersome site. Analysis of the purchasing pathway revealed an 80% drop-off of customers. Our core brief was to turn this around.

A customer survey identified several different ways that people use the site, from browsing and printing session details, to making a quick ticket purchase to guarantee seats or avoid queues. User testing showed that people preferred a movie oriented view initially to a cinema oriented view, so the home page shows all movies by default, and allows the user to filter them by rating or cinema.

Wireframes for the site were developed to handle a complex and detailed set of ever-changing information as well as to highlight the various advantages of online ticket purchase – ticket security, seat selection, and discounts.

Items presented are based on the location of the user, which is automatically assigned and confirmed on first entry to the site. The user can change their city at any time, and National Events are also listed separately. Detailed cinema descriptions provide access to information, location maps, and cinema specific offers and events.

Experiences such as Gold Class, Digital 3D, and IMAX were treated in the same way as the latest movie details, with bright colours and dramatic images to make them more prominent and easier to book.


The Result – a successful website

Ticket purchasing on the site is now fast and easy. Experiences and Clubs are attractive and easy to promote, so customers are now aware of the wide range of choices. Cinemas employees and the general public have said great things about the site and usage has increased.



What the client said

The true measure of success is great customer feedback – we have been overwhelmed and are delighted!

Jane Hastings | EVENT Cinemas

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