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Auckland Doctors. Attracting new recruits.

Auckland Doctors

Commerce, Communications

Completed while Creative Director at Phosphor Essence.

The Auckland Doctors website supports early career doctors or RMOs (Resident Medical Officers) working in Auckland, and recruits those overseas.

To meet the brief of ‘humorous, not stodgy’ a concept was developed around a sense of humour found within the working culture of the audience. Ironic catch phrases and imagery were then developed¬† into a series of treatments for areas, culminating in creating a quirky look and feel in which the audience would feel at home.

What the client said:

A realistic pitch that bowled us over instantly was a great start. They got what we wanted and produced a quirky but very functional website. Feedback from the users has been good. They direct, offer advice, listen and work in collaboration with us. I would be happy to recommend them to any company, large or small.

Nicki Nicholas | Recruitment Manager | ARRMOS