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A Walk Through Deep Time. Concept and Design

A Walk Through Deep Time

Games & Mobile, Geo-located Audio, Non-profit & Arts

An iPhone application and installation which creates a walk through the history of the earth –  through ~4.6 billion years. A location-sensitive audioscape guides the listener through the installed physical spaces.

A Walk Through Deep Time is an ongoing research project which invites people to share scientific, philosophical and cultural ideas as part of a roving discussion and walk through ‘deep‘ or geologic time. The first walk event held followed a farm fenceline of 457 metres to represent 4.57 billion years, and involved astronomers, geologists, physicists, and biologists as well as matauranga Maori practitioners, philosophers, artists, teachers and a wider public.

It has since been installed in Puke Ariki Museum and Library in New Plymouth, at the Splore music event and in the Rocks area of Sydney for ISEA 2013.

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